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BeGooped is an i-Ready game that costs 50 Credit to play. Its icon is first on the list of i-Ready games.


  1. Choose color mode or number mode
  2. In color mode connect Goopers of the same color
  3. In number mode, connect Goopers to complete a number sentence
  4. You'll find out more in each mode...
  5. Watch out for this guy! (Appearance of a spider)

Additional tutorial for Color

  1. The goal is to clear the board; connect similar colors to make them pop!
  2. New Goopers will take their place.
  3. Include a SuperGooper in your chain and the board will go wild!
  4. Watch out for this guy! (Appearance of a spider)

High Score (All-time) as of 2/18/2021

  • Karrah (63300)
  • Luke (62120)
  • Valentin... (61160)
  • OWEN (60430)
  • Dylan (53200)