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Plory is a female alien who appears in and is the main character in i-Ready Reading and Math lessons from Level AA up to early Level C alongside Yoop. The two characters were introduced in 2016. Plory is also part of the buddies section in the my stuff area for k-2 accounts.


Plory is an orange alien. She wears a black shirt with a green image projector (which is called the Tinkerbell Tube). She has yellow freckles on the side of her cheeks, and one tooth in her mouth as well as thin eyebrows. Strangely, she has no eyelashes. Plory stands at a towering height of 11'4" making her one of the tallest i-Ready characters.


Plory is a serious character. Unlike Yoop, she analyzes her options and goes with logical choices. Along with Yoop, she refers to the user as "Agent X". Plory has more of a serious attitude, well thought out. Her decisions make her the leader, mostly to avoid what happens in the Gold video which can be seen below.


  • Adored mostly by Ariana and Glitterashlover the Plory fan, she is called by some people, cute or "adorable".
  • Plory's ears are the funnel looking things on her head.
  • The image description for Plory on the Buddy's page is "[...] an orange alien with trumpet-shaped ears!"
  • Plory always follows major peril's rules and she is Partners with Yoop.
  • Plory has a rubber duck collection composed of 12 rubber ducks.
  • Plory can access the secret playhouse with the opening of a floor.
  • Shown in the secret playhouse Plory also has a collection of balls with words inside.
  • Also in the playhouse 2 parrots are shown these Parrots are most likely owned by Plory and Yoop.
  • She is voiced by Gigi Abraham.
  • She was introduced in 2016
  • Plory has climbed a mountain before.


  • "Indeed!"
  • "Nailed it!"
  • "Excellent!"
  • "Perfect!"
  • "Hey, Agent X!"
  • "Fired up!"
  • "Good thinking!"
  • "Nice moves!"
  • "I knew you can do it!"
  • "I am impressed!"
  • "Time to mage!"
  • "You made the connection!"
  • "You made it!"
  • "Hold your hover Yoop. We need to learn the new words, so we could really understand.”
  • "It's time for story round."
  • "Remember to work carefully."