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What is Ready?

Ready is a educational book series for Reading and Math and is for grades K-8 it is a mix of digital learning and learning from the book. It was created by Curriculum Associates back in 1969 (53 years ago). Ready provides instruction with guidance from teachers so students can learn new things for Reading and Math. Most of Ready math is on the "Ready Mathematics" book which teaches students the core mathematics curriculum. Ready Reading provides material that helps students read write and more. Ready's book covers have i-Ready characters for design. In the United States, Ready has designed special books for each of the 50 states. Each grade level will have its own book covering material and topics for that grade. Ready Comes with A Ready instruction book for students, A Ready teacher guide and answer key, and a online Teacher Toolbox for data. Since i-Ready has been more popular, Ready is sometimes referred to as the "i-Ready book". And for marketing Curriculum Associates encourages people to use Ready as a part of i-Ready learning. Ready includes digital resources as off the Teacher Toolbox and classroom mathematics both would be used on i-Ready in the future.

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  • i-Ready is based on Ready it is just a digital version of it, Also with additional data features and instruction features. And there is no diagnostic with Ready.
  • The Ready series includes 3 subjects: Reading, Mathematics and Writing.
  • The Ready series has so many releases like hundreds! This is due to older and newer versions of the books being released, Different versions of the book being in released specifically for other countries or cities, and a special edition made for each of the 50 states in the United States only.
  • Every ready book order comes with a license code for the online "Ready Teacher Toolbox" found inside the box that came with the books.