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Snargg is one of Bake Stars pets. Then Snargg becomes Plory and Yoop's dog-like alien pet. Snargg appears in Level AA-Level H. He is voiced by Duncan Brannan. Snargg first appears as a alien riding a UFO or a flying saucer. Then, Snargg visited earth where he went to the Bake Stars Café. Then Snargg decided to help the Bake Stars and become a pet. Later for unknown reasons Snargg now appears with Plory and Yoop instead of being in the Bake Stars Café. Snargg is also part of the buddies section in the my stuff area for k-2 accounts.


Snargg is a blue skinned alien dog with sharp and pointy teeth. He has two horns, two eyes, and has short legs. The color of his tongue color can also differentiate from red to pink and sometimes even green. He has light blue spots in his skin


Snargg is more hyper-active that both Plory and Yoop but is also more dumbed-down. Snargg tries to help Plory and Yoop, but usually makes thing worse such as eating important objects. An example is when he eats a radio in the Cube-Athlete-Thon lesson. He is also very playful and likes playing ball. It also seems that Snargg can eat almost anything he sets his eyes upon but some of his favorites include garbage, plastic, cardboard, and paper.


  • Snargg is the only character who is technically in every level since he appears on a bumper sticker.
  • Snargg is both a Plory & Yoop character and a Bake Stars character at the same time.
  • Snargg rarely speaks English but he does sometimes speak in English.
  • It is now confirmed in a lesson that Snargg owns a UFO which makes sense because he is an alien.
  • Snargg can ride a tornado.
  • Snargg has the ability to die and come back to life.
  • Snargg is most likely the main character in i-Ready since he always appears in marketing and has made a lot of appearances.
  • Snargg, Like most other main characters has his own plush toy available through the CA Marketplace.
  • Snargg might possibly be the leader of a Space Agency


  • Snargg-ity-Snarggo!
  • No Way!
  • Can I help too? (Plory and Yoop introduction)