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- Suh-weet!

- Sweet T's Catchphrase

Sweet T (Teodoro) is a character that appears in i-Ready Reading and Math lessons Level B to Level H. His first appearance was in the Level B lesson named "Solve Two-Step Problems" with Pepper Jackie. Sweet T has a hobby for eating sweets (so much that Pepper Jackie thinks that the T in his name stands for Tooth as in Sweet Tooth). He usually wears an orange shirt with a figure skateboarding. Sweet T has an average hair length. Sweet T often appears with (but not limited to) Pepper Jackie and Jake. Speaking of him having a sweet hobby, which is probably the reason he also works at Bake Stars Café. In the older i-Ready lessons (emphasized in the i-Ready Reading lesson "Examining Figurative Language in Literature" Level F) versions, Sweet T has a crush on Bella. In "Understand Multiplication as Scaling" Level E It reveals Sweet T's Real Name Teodoro. Sweet T has his own room. It is also known that Sweet T used to have a second job at a super market. The Suh-weet Bumper Only Appears In Bake Stars Lessons.


Sweet T is mostly Considered as a foodie and with character traits from characters such as Bart Simpson or Max Goof. Sweet T is very kind, and he is best friends with Pepper Jackie. Sweet T is a fan of things like Skateboarding and Rock Music.


In the older lessons, Sweet T is slender with an orange T-Shirt, the icon on his T-Shirt is a Skateboarder. He also wears Jeans and red sneakers. He has a Watch on his right arm and has brown skin. He has Black hair and a beanie. In the modern i-Ready lessons, He doesn't have a beanie and is less skinny. He instead wears a yellow tannish shirt with a green arrow.


Sweet T's friends are (but not limited to):


Sweet-T is voiced by Jess Harnell.


  • Sweet T's real name is Teodoro.
  • Sweet T is a member of the Bake Stars.
  • It is revealed in a lesson that Sweet T is 15 years old.
  • Sweet T has his own Room.
  • Bake Stars employees have a fair right to have 1 free cookie per day. Sweet T however, once broke those rules and ate all the snickerdoodles at once because he was greedy. Jake later found out what Sweet T was doing, and took away his cookie rights.
  • Sweet T likes skateboarding
  • Sweet T loves eating sweets

Catch Phrases

  • "Suh-weet!"
  • "How sweet it is!"
  • "Bake On!"
  • "Right!"
  • "Power to the Phalanges!"
  • ¨Score!¨