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Yoop is a male flying green alien who appears in i-Ready lessons alongside Plory in lessons from levels AA to C, However, He only appears in Level C in Reading. Yoop is also part of the buddies section in the my stuff area for k-2 accounts.


Yoop has one eyebrow with a curled hair. He also has orange eye-lids under his one eye, and has orange freckles at the side of his cheeks. He has one tooth inside his mouth. However, Yoop's teeth seem to change from time to time. In some lessons, he is seen having a full set of teeth. In other occasions, Yoop is seen having teeth similar to Plory's teeth. And in other lessons, he is seen with no teeth at all. (This can be seen in the picture of Yoop to the right.)


Most of the time, Yoop fails miserably by going too far with his inventions. He has very poor judgement and makes terrible decisions often. However, unlike Plory, Yoop is curious. His curiousness even sometimes allows him to be and think smarter than Plory, but he still helps her out on tricky questions. Yoop can be funny sometimes too, having a better sense of humor than Plory.


  • Yoop can hover 10 feet off the ground.
  • Yoop can even lift a whale.
  • Yoop can juggle.
  • Yoop has the ability to turn into a cuber.
  • If you download a Microsoft Edge HTML of the buddies page, then it shows this usually unseen description. "Yoop, a green alien with just one eye= !"
  • Yoop talks in 3rd person
  • Yoop has tamed a dragon before.
  • Yoop once invited alligators into the space Lab.
  • Yoop also once land the space lab at an edge of a cliff.
  • Yoop tried to give Plory fire gum but failed and ended up setting himself on fire.
  • Yoop once ordered 5 million ice cream's.
  • Yoop can access the secret playhouse with the opening of a floor.
  • Shown in the secret playhouse, Yoop has a collection of balls with words inside.
  • Also in the playhouse, 2 talking parrots are shown. The parrots are most likely owned by Plory and Yoop.
  • Yoop is voiced by David Schwimmer.
  • Yoop was introduced in 2016.
  • Yoop has climbed a mountain before.


  • "Yoop Yoop!"
  • "Good going!"
  • "Cubetastic!"
  • "Woohoo!"
  • "Awesome!"
  • "Zowie"
  • "Double Wow!"
  • "Out of this world!"
  • "This is awesome"
  • "Yes!"
  • "Let's read!"